About Us

In the summer of 1984, Lee and Marti Grant with good friend Phil Hausmann began a quest for pizza. At the time there were only four pizzerias in all of Kitsap County. They wanted to be able to offer something new and unique. Using Phil’s Great-Grandfather’s Sourdough Starter from the Klondike Gold Rush they created the perfect sourdough pizza crust. Smelling like fresh sourdough bread, it was crispy golden brown on the outside while soft, light and chewy on the inside. It complimented the fresh tomato sauce and hand grated mozzarella/provolone cheese like no other pizza they had ever tasted. After trying that sourdough pizza crust for the first time Lee pinched his fingers together and said in a funny Italian accent “Now that’s a some pizza!” and That’s A Some Pizza was born!

Fast Forward 33 years…….

Will, Lee and Marti’s son, who has grown up working and running the shop is now its owner. Will has become a certified Pizzaiolo at the International School of Pizza, making him recognized in the Country of Italy and the USA as a professional Pizza Chef. After being motivated to compete in cooking competitions by Master Pizzaiolo, teacher and mentor Tony Gemignani, Will competed for the first time at the prestigious Caputo Cup competition in Atlantic City. Fantastically Will brought home a first place trophy in Non-Traditional pizza and Manager Allen Raymond a second place trophy in Traditional pizza. This makes them among the best Pizzaiolos in the Nation and That’s A Some Pizza the only pizzeria to place in two of the competitions makes it one of the best pizzerias in the Nation!